Celebrating the marriage of

Anaïs and Carlo

June 4, 2022

Ciao family and friends,

We're getting married (again) but this time everyone should be able to attend. It is our pleasure to invite you to our wedding and share our special day with you!

This website should include all the information you need ahead of the wedding day. If you have any questions, please get in touch or read our frequently asked question (FAQ) page.

We hope to see you in June 2022,

Anaïs and Carlo

Palermo from the sea

Palermo, Italy

Between the sea and the mountains, Palermo is Sicily's capital and is also known for being the crossroads of civilisations and cultures that have shaped what Sicily is today. Palermo also happened to be Carlo’s birthplace! There, you will encounter beautiful architecture, charming neighbourhoods, majestic buildings, bustling markets, and glorious street food.

Ideally located, Palermo can be the hub of your day trips to nearby sights or a touchdown of a longer trip in Sicily. Either way, we are thrilled to celebrate our marriage with you in a city that means a lot to us!

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Getting there ✈︎

Since our wedding venue is in Palermo, your closest airport will be Falcone Borsellino airport (PMO) in Punta Raisi, 35 km west of Palermo. Most European flagship airlines fly to the city's international airport, but low-cost companies usually offer more flights. From the airport, it will take you approximately an hour to reach the city centre by getting on a train or a bus to Palermo Centrale, riding a taxi or renting a car.

Alternatively, you can land in Trapani at Birgi airport (TPS), located 100 km southwest of Palermo and take a bus from there.

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean sea. Unless you plan to travel around, we don't recommend arriving in Catania Fontanarossa (CTA). Catania is definitely worth a visit, but it is over 200 km away!

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Things to do

Whether you are coming for a weekend or planning a trip, please find some suggestions below for your stay.

Church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Palermo, Palermo Cathedral is a must-see for its impressive scale, unique Arab-Norman architectural style and panoramic views from the roof. Enjoy the breeze from the top and the sunset if you can!

Palermo Cathedral

Read moreCathedral of Palermo

Palazzo dei Normanni

Read moreCappella Palatina in Palermo

Another unmissable building in Palermo, Palazzo dei Normanni or the Norman Palace houses Cappella Palatina, a stunning chapel with Byzantine mosaics.

Quattro Canti

Read moreQuattro Canti, Sicily

Take a walk from Palazzo dei Normanni towards the sea and you will encounter Quattro Canti, officially known as Piazza Vigliena. The Baroque square showcases four buildings and each contains fountains with statues of the four seasons, the four Spanish kings of Sicily, and the patronesses of Palermo. Go further and you will face Piazza Marina, before crossing the old city walls at Porta Felice.


Read moreSarde at Buatta Ristorante, Sicily

Sicilian cuisine is delicious and so diverse. We recommend that you try local trattorias and taste the amazing street food or freshest seafood specialties. Palermo’s restaurants won’t let you down! We recommend you to check: Antica Focacceria San Francesco, Osteria Pane e Alivi, Buatta, Osteria Mangia e Bevi, CiCala, Osteria dei Vespri, L'Ottava Nota, Castello a Mare or Gagini

Piazza Pretoria

Read morePiazza della Vergogna, Palermo

Known, as square of shame, the square is the exact center of the historic city of Palermo. It is occupied by the fountain and the beautiful Church of St. Catherine, a synthesis of Sicilian Baroque, Rococo and Renaissance style.


Read moreBrioche with pistachio gelato at Roro Gelato

Sicily without "Gelato"? Impossible!
Try your gelato in a brioche, the unique way to eat gelato. Or for a lighter and refreshing snacks, get a granita! 
Rorò Gelateria, Cappadonia Gelati, Antica Gelateria Ilardo, Lattepà in città should satisfy your sweet tooth.


Read moreLa Vucciria, Renato Guttuso

For an exhilarating shopping experience, visit one of the three markets of the city. Vucciria, Ballarò and Il Capo could make you forget that you are still in Europe with their souk vibes!

Botanical Garden

Read moreBotanical garden of Palermo

Whether you have a green thumb or not, Orto Botanico di Palermo (Palermo Botanical Garden) is a quiet and peaceful place. Fancy a breezy walk under the shadows of the trees and explore the various greenhouses. Anaïs particularly loves this place.


Read moreMondello beach, Sicily

Spend a day in Mondello, an old fishermen’s village with a gorgeous beach and elegant Art Nouveau villas.

Capo Gallo

Read moreCappo Gallo, Sicily

Capo Gallo is the cape west of Mondello. It has a tiny harbour just beneath an imposing mountain and makes it a good walk with swimming breaks in transparent water.


Read moreMonsters on Villa Palagonia, Bagheria, Sicily

Bagheria has plenty of baroque villas built by Palermo’s aristocracy. Visit Villa Palagonia with its bizarre monster statues.


Read moreMonreale, Sicily

Monreale is a hilltown just on top of Palermo with another stunning Byzantine cathedral and good views over Palermo


Read moreCefalù, Sicily

Cefalù is a pretty seaside town with a gorgeous Duomo and one of the world’s best examples of Byzantine mosaics inside

Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro

Read moreNatural reserve of Zingaro

Zingaro is Sicily’s first natural reserve and it’s easily the most beautiful too. Go for a day trip into the beautiful Mediterranean scrub and crystal-clear sea. Don’t forget your sunscreen!


Read moreMarettimo houses, Sicily

Marettimo is part of the Aegadian Islands archipelago, Favignagna is the best known island. Less touristy, Marettimo is a relaxing island with black sand beaches and beautiful scenery. You can spend time on a boat ride or hike on the island.


Read moreTrapani by the sea

Trapani has an ideal location, between the Mediterranean and Ionian sea, beneath Mount Erice, close to the archeological site of Selinunte, in front of Edgadi Islands and the so-known salt pans. Walking through the old town, the signs of the passage of various civilizations over the centuries are immediately evident. 


Read moreSunset on Marsala, Sicily

Marsala, the “Port of God” in Arabic is internationally famous for one thing: wine. Its inhabitants, however, are equally enthusiastic about their town’s long, illustrious history.

Valley of the Temples

Read moreValley of the temples, Sicily

If you are an archeology fan, the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento in Sicily is definitely for you. Founded in 582 BC by the Greeks, the site will blow your mind with its eight temples dedicated to Greek deities!

Aeolian Islands

Read moreAeolian islands, Sicily

The Aeolian Islands will leave you speechless. The seven islands have the same volcanic origin but each of them have their own identity. Located off the northern coast of Sicily, enjoy the natural landscape of Lipari, Stromboli, Salina, Vulcano, Panarea, Alicudi and Filicudi.


Read moreCatania, Sicily

Catania is Sicily’s second largest city and is built next to a very active volcano, Mt. Etna. Both offer unique sights in very different ways. Make a stop in nearby Taormina if you have time.


Read moreThe elephant rock in Pantelleria, Sicily

You will need to take a ferry or a plane to reach Pantelleria, the daughter of the winds in Arabic, an island located between Sicily and Tunisia. This atypical volcanic island was conquered by the Arabs, later shepherds and farmers built circular stone shelters, the dammusi. The volcanic nature of the island lends itself to snorkeling, visiting vineyards and even thalassotherapy in the sulfur lake.

Ortygia, Syracuse

Read moreOrtigia, Sicily

Ortygia is Syracuse’s ancient fortified city, a little island overflowing with history and beauty. The cathedral of Syracuse was built on top of a Greek temple, which makes it particularly interesting. The Fountain of Arethusa is also a landmark of Ortygia where the legend has it that the nymph used to live.


Read moreNoto, Sicily

Noto is a town completely rebuilt in Baroque style following a terrible earthquake. It is recognized by the UNESCO. Visit its many palaces and take a gourmet break at Caffè Sicilia.


B&B Vintage

Standard double room at B&B vintage Palermo
From 81 € per night (instead of 90 €) with breakfast.
Use the promo code on the B&B's website to book with a discount.


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Executive room at Hotel Federico II in Palermo
From 100 € per night (instead of 130 €) with breakfast.
Contact the hotel by email mentioning us to book with a discount.


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Il Giardino di Ballarò

Double room at il Giardino di Ballarò in Palermo
From 122 € per night (instead of 140 €) with breakfast.
Contact the hotel by email mentioning us to book with a discount.


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A airbnb room in Palermo's city center.
Airbnb offers a lot of options in Palermo's city center with average price of 89€ per night for a private room or the entire accommodation for yourself.
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While we love all those little ones in your lives, we really want you to be able to have a fantastic time without worrying about your toddlers. Kids over 6 years old are welcome since they will be able to have dinner without much supervision.

We will provide a list of babysitters in Palermo for the parents who would travel with younger kids.

Ceremony and reception

Tonnara Florio

SATURDAY, June 4, 2022
5:30PM - laTE

We'd be delighted if you can join us at la Tonnara Florio for our wedding celebration. Everything is happening in one place! 

Build in XVII century on the Aranella port of Palermo, la "tonnara", a tuna factory was acquired by the Florio family in 1830. Vincenzo Florio commissioned the architect Carlo Giachery to build la "Palazzina dei Quattro Pizzi", a Neo-gothic tower which became the private home of Vincenzo Florio and his family.

Dress code: cocktail ATTIRE

Join us
Tonnara Florio, Palermo, Sicily


Public transports are quite innefficient and UBER does not exist in Palermo. It takes between 15 and 25 minutes to reach our wedding venue by car from the city center.

By shuttle bus

Several rides by shuttle bus will be available for our guests from a meeting point in the city center to the venue.

Please let us know when you RSVP if you need a ride to and from the venue.

By car

From the city center, follow Stada State 113 towards Mondello. Take a slight right on Via Massaia Guglielmo Cardinale. Take a right turn on Via dell'Arenella.

There will be plenty of private parking space at the venue.

By taxi

You can schedule a taxi ride in advance by calling these numbers:
- Radio Taxi Trinacria: +39 091 6878
- Autoradio Taxi: +39 091 8481

It should cost 20€ maximum to reach the venue from the city center.

Discesa Tonnara, 4, 90142 Palermo PA, Italy

Join us

Let us know if you will come as soon as possible! We would love to have you but if you know now that you won’t be able to come already or don't feel comfortable travelling, let us know by answering "no". Please help us stay organized, we will give our final guest number May 20, 2022.

Anaïs and Carlo on their wedding day.RSVP NOW